Adult Inpatient

Covington Behavioral Health is a licensed 104-bed center that specializes in treating adult patients who have been experiencing acute changes in their emotional and mental well-being. Covington provides inpatient treatment to alleviate distress, provide stability, and improve each patient’s ability to live a productive and satisfying life.

Inpatient Treatment Program Overview

At Covington Behavioral Health, we provide treatment at two levels: inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Our inpatient treatment services at our center are designed for adult men and women, ages 18 and above, who have been struggling with one or more mental health disorders and are in acute need of psychiatric stabilization.

Multidisciplinary Team

Treatment in the inpatient program at our center is provided by a multidisciplinary team that includes psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, counselors, activity therapists, and mental health technicians. Our center’s staff also includes physicians who are certified in forensic psychiatry and addictionology. Nutrition services and counseling are provided by our staff dietitian.

The typical length of stay in the inpatient program at Covington Behavioral Health is seven to 10 days. The actual length of stay for each patient at our hospital will be determined according to his or her progress while in our care.

Treatment Techniques

Treatment techniques and therapeutic modalities that are incorporated into treatment at the inpatient level at our hospital include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), crisis intervention therapy, psychotherapy, solution-focused therapy, medication management, and creative therapy (including arts, crafts, and music)

With our emphasis on developing individualized treatment plans, each patient’s time in our center’s inpatient program will be a unique experience based on his or her specific strengths, needs, and treatment objectives. Depending upon those unique factors, treatment at our center may include the following elements:

Detoxification: Covington Behavioral Health is not a substance abuse treatment center, but we realize that many prospective patients may have struggled with substance abuse in addition to their primary mental health diagnoses. To best serve patients who need to withdraw from certain substances prior to transitioning to inpatient care, we provide detox services for individuals who have been abusing alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates.

Medication management: Some patients may benefit from having certain prescription medications incorporated into their treatment plans while engaged at our hospital. Individuals with medication needs will meet with our psychiatrist and members of our nursing staff on a regular basis to receive medication management services.

Individual therapy: Patients in the inpatient program may meet with a member of our social service staff (LCSW, LMSW, LPC, or PLPC) or nursing staff (RN or LPN) for individual therapy as needed. Additional individual therapy sessions may be scheduled based upon a request or patient need.

Group therapy: Group therapy sessions are fundamental elements of inpatient treatment at Covington Behavioral Health. The following are among the groups that patients may participate in during their time in the inpatient program Covington:

  • Activity groups
  • Creative therapy groups
  • Dietary groups
  • Process groups
  • Psychoeducation groups

Group therapy sessions, which are conducted by nurses, activity therapists, mental health technicians, and members of our social services staff, are typically offered at least five times per day at Covington Behavioral Health.

Family therapy: Family therapy sessions at for individuals in the inpatient program at Covington Behavioral Health may be scheduled on an as-needed basis or by request. These sessions are typically conducted by the patient’s case manager.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning: Discharge planning begins the day a patient enters the center’s inpatient program. By the time a man or woman has completed the inpatient program, he or she will have a thorough plan that identifies the referrals, community-based services, and other resources that will support his or her continued progress.

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For more information about inpatient treatment at Covington Behavioral Health, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to answering all of your questions and helping you determine if inpatient treatment Covington Behavioral Health is right for you or your loved one.

Covington's individualized programs gave me the flexibility I needed to get treatment while not interrupting my schedule.

– a former patient
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  • St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce
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